The Compass Award Newsletter T1 2024

We’re excited to welcome back our Compass Award Community to school for T1. We’re ready to kick off the year with enthusiasm and support.

Unlike the essential communications you receive from the Compass program and engagement team, this newsletter is crafted with a unique purpose: to ignite fresh ideas, fuel your passion, and elevate Compass Coordinators, Participants and Parents to new heights. Get ready for a journey of discovery, empowerment, and the extraordinary in your Compass Award experience!

The Compass ‘‘squishy’’ Naming Challenge!

We’re thrilled to introduce the newest member of our team –
The Compass ‘‘squishy’’ AND announce the launch of the ‘‘Compass Naming Competition’’!
Do your young people have a knack for coming up with catchy names?
Does your school want to leave a lasting mark on the Compass community?

Now’s your chance!

Here's how it works:

But wait, there’s more! 🎉 We’re also exploring the creation of other ways for students to engage with our beloved Compass, such as 9cm plush little clip-ons for schoolbags. So stay tuned for more exciting updates! 🚀✨

Spotlight on Compass Coordinator Achievement!

In a heartfelt moment last November, Awards Victoria, the parent company behind Compass, took a moment to honour Michele Coventry, a long serving Compass Coordinator, for her unwavering dedication to enriching the education and life experiences of young minds

Michele, who recently bid adieu to her role as Compass Coordinator at Toorak College to savour precious moments with her grandkids, leaves behind a legacy of nearly 18 years devoted to nurturing a thriving and impactful program.

Her commitment has left an indelible mark on the lives of the many hundreds of young individuals fortunate enough to navigate Compass under her seasoned guidance.

We extend our deepest gratitude to Michele for the immense impact she has woven into the fabric of Compass. Her legacy stands as a testament to the enduring commitment and positive influence she brought to countless young lives. Here’s to Michele Coventry – a true beacon in the realm of education and youth empowerment.

The Compass Award and Wellbeing

Did you know the Compass Award can be used as a tool to strengthen wellbeing?

Find out more in our comprehensive Compass wellbeing guide, recognised by PESA as an evidence-based resource for educators seeking to integrate a holistic approach to personal development and wellbeing through non-formal education initiatives, such as The Compass Award.

Activity Ideas to Ignite Participant Passion!

Physical Recreation:

  1. Ninja Warrior Adventure: Transform a backyard into a mini obstacle course, encouraging agility, balance, and strength. Time each attempt and track personal progress over sessions.
  2. Dance Fusion Jam: Host a regular dance party where kids learn a new dance style each time, blending creativity and physical activity.
  3. Bike Art Exploration: Combine biking and art by creating chalk murals on the pavement. Each session focuses on a new theme, turning the neighbourhood into an art-filled cycling adventure.


  1. Eco-Explorer Gardening: Introduce sustainable gardening practices, cultivating a mini-garden with native plants. Track growth and observe local insects for a unique learning experience.

  2. DIY Science Lab: Host a weekly science experiment session, exploring simple experiments using household items. Each experiment provides hands-on learning and sparks curiosity.

  3. Storytelling Podcast Club: Encourage storytelling through podcast creation. Children can write, narrate, and produce short stories or discuss their favorite books, fostering creativity and communication skills.


  1. Nature Scavenger Hunt: Organize bi-monthly nature hunts in local parks. Kids discover new plant and animal species, learning about their natural habitat.

  2. Community Art Walk: Explore local art installations and murals. Document findings through sketches or photography, creating a personalised art journal.

  3. Geocaching Adventures: Embark on a treasure hunt using geocaching apps. Kids can hide their own treasures for others to find, promoting navigation skills and outdoor exploration.:


  1. Kindness Rocks Project: Paint uplifting messages on rocks and leave them around the community. Document the impact by encouraging recipients to share their stories.

  2. Reading Buddies Club: Initiate a virtual book club where participants read to younger children or elderly community members. Fosters a love for reading and community connection.

  3. Up-cycled Crafts for Charity: Organise a regular crafting session using recycled materials. Donate finished crafts to local charities, teaching the importance of giving back.

That’s a wrap for our second addition!

We hope you’re as thrilled as we are about the adventure that lies ahead. Stay tuned for upcoming editions filled with valuable insights, engaging content, and much more.

Until then, may your compass always guide you to new horizons of growth and fulfillment!

Adventure awaits,
The Compass Award Team

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